Traditional healing services

Invoking Ancestral spirits

Find answers to life's questions from Mama Jennita a powerful shamanistic healer through her energetic connections with the ancestral spirits. With the help of the ancestral spirits Mama Jennita has the ability to create luck, produce fertility, create charms of protection & amulets to solve your problems about love, money & family
Mama Jennita is just a messenger & channel by which the ancestral spirits & spiritual deities use to help the world find balance between the physical & spiritual realms. Infuse positive energies & outcomes in your life with the assistance of Mama who has the power to invoke the ancestral spirits to help your particular situation.
To consult Mama Jennita send us a email info@spellz.co.za

Traditional healing by Mama Jennita Queen Spells
Mama Jennita is a traditional healer & spell caster with powerful love spells, money spells, revenge spells, lost love spells, witchcraft spells, lotto spells & psychic spells that she uses for spiritual healing
If you are having challenges with your love life, financial situation, family fights, unfulfilled dreams, cant find true love,bad dreams, suffering from bewitchment or are you being harassed by evil spirits, Mama is here to help you
Are you facing challenges in getting business, court cases, bad luck, childless marriage, cheating lover or having personal problems in your life, Mama will help you with her powerful traditional medicine that she combines with powerful spells to diagnose & heal the spiritual roots of your problems
To consult Mama Jennita send us a email info@spellz.co.za

Mama Jennita uses divination techniques such as prayers, throwing of bones, psychic readings & astrology to understand your situation realities from both a physical level and spiritual one so that she may find a suitable spell & traditional medicine to use to solve your problem & appease the ancestral spirits.
I have used by powerful divination abilities to help various people with problems that are listed below
* Misfortune & bad luck
* Cheating lover or retrieving a lost lover
* Impotence & infertility or bareness
* Unexplained Death or sudden illness
* Theft or robbery

Mama Jennita
Mama Jennita will reveal to you the honest truth about your spiritual problems that manifest themselves in your life in various forms of problems.
One of the most common problems I have encountered is mahamba where your ancestral spirits are agitated or not happy about something from the past or present done by you or your relatives in your clan.
I have powerful amulets, money seeds, spells, rituals, traditional medicine & charms for love, lost love, ancestral appeasement so that you can have a normal life filled with harmony with the spiritual world enabling you to pursue success towards your destiny.
Traditional ancestral appeasement
Mama helps you enable your deceased family members find continuous happiness in the after-life, this is very important in enabling you to reinforce the unity of family and lineage.
Your ancestral lineage is a very important focal point in your overall success in this life as they are a channel of your requests to the spiritual world. Your ancestors affect the fortune of the living.
We live in a multidimensional reality here on earth with various beings existing some visible & some not visible. The interaction between these beings has various implications to the lives of humanity.
There are some evil spiritual beings & good spiritual beings. Traditional healers like Mama are gifted with the ability to see the spiritual world & communicate & influence the spirits & the deities.